Monday, March 26, 2012


Today, I woke up in a fog. Too much sleep, perhaps? This never really made any sense to me. But alas, my eleven hours of deep sleep had me crippled in the early light of the morning. I reached for my phone and dialed my parent's house as I usually do; checking in to see how my daddy is doing, and of course, checking in to see how my super-hero of a mother is keeping things glued together, as always, so gracefully.  I figured using my vocal chords and having to really listen to what she was saying would clear the said fog that was clouding my over-tired mind. It didn't.

I stumbled out of bed, still half asleep, reaching for the coffee pot that wouldn't make itself, as much as I wished otherwise. I spilled, of course, as I usually do, and decided that in that moment, this was ridiculous. Keurig's were made for people like me. But then I snapped out of it and realized that I can make a friggin' pot of coffee - I didn't need to be such a diva about it.. tired or not.

It brewed, and I stared at it with such intensity I thought I'd burn a hole into the pot. I ate a banana to gain some energy. Nothing. I took my vitamins. Still nothing. I plugged in my laptop and trailed my coffee in my freezing cold palm, and lit a candle. Climbed under the blankets hoping that the lights of the computer screen and the words jumping out at me from my email would force my mind to wake up. But today was one of those lighter days where my inbox was telling me, "you can take the day off today, kiddo." In that moment, I rested my eyes once more. I closed them, actually. I listened to the sound of... nothing. The sound of silence, and embraced the fact that it's okay to be tired some days. It's okay to miss a class at the gym you had planned on attending. It's okay, because.. well, it just is.

So I closed my eyes. I wrapped both hands around my coffee, and I drifted for a few minutes. Taking in the scent of my Pumpkin Spice candle- one I will never stop burning just because fall is over. But then, for some reason, I opened my eyes and looked back over at my email, only to see that seconds prior, I had gotten something from How He Asked - one of the sweetest, most inventive wedding blogs to surface. A blog dedicated to the future bride and groom; not the photographer. While our work gets featured of course, their story gets shared from their perspective. Katie and Mike had been chosen, and I, all of a sudden, had woken up.

Thank you so much to How He Asked for loving Katie and Mike and their story as much as I do.. and for connecting to their images and their love for one another. I know I speak for all involved when I say we're humbled to the core :)

To see the entire feature, click here.

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kmbarson said...

You are so amazing! Thanks so much for doing this and as always, your kind words! Mike and I love it and your pictures compliment the story PERFECTLY!