Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's that time of year again.... Spring, that is.  The time for cleaning, re-evaluating, organizing to the umpteenth degree, ridding yourself of stressors and beginning anew. Personally, it's my favorite. Much like my mother, any reason to clear the clutter and bring forth a fresh design to my living space is one of the most inspiring things I can do for my mind.  This year, is no different.

With the lack of space I have in my current apartment, a move is in the near future into a lovely Southport apartment complete with a claw foot bath tub (swoon) and double french doors to my bedroom (double swoon) - already my heart is fluttering with design possibilities, and frankly, I just can't keep them in my head any longer. Must. Blog. Design. Ideas.  :)

Right now, my room is constructed of dark colors.  I still have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. As the post reads, I am my mother's daughter - therefore I've embodied the constant urge to bring new life to any space I can get my hands on, and was fortunate enough to grow up with a bit of knowledge as far as smart design is concerned... my current bedroom, was not one of my brightest ideas.  It doesn't help that it's as big as a 2x4, but to cover it with deep golds, reds and purples? It's like a mad house.  Rarely do I feel calm or at ease when I enter the space that's supposed to put me to sleep.  It also doesn't help that clothing racks are right there on display, at the foot of my bed, staring at me in the face just begging to be spread out and given a little room to breathe. My dresses are on top of one another, and I try not to make eye contact, you know, to avoid the problem that's staring me right in the face.

With the next month being the first of many crazy months ahead (wedding season!) I knew that this new room design would have to be something airy and light. Whimsical, really. A place where I couldn't help but exhale (and mean it) every time I walked through those double french doors.  I picture white - everywhere, with touches of accent colors. But only ones that soothe.. light blues, grays, sage greens, blush pinks.. The colors that calm me. (oddly enough, those are my business colors. I see a pattern here)  Here's what I've collected via the dreamland that is Pinterest.  I'm excited to start shopping and putting things together, and even more excited to take photos and share with you what the outcome is.  Just give me.. oh.. a couple months ;)

Do you have a spring project that you're working on? What is it? Share in the comment box below!


wineandworkouts said...

I'm moving to a new apartment soon too :) maybe you can use yours as practice and then help me with mine and that will be MY spring project! haha

Nathan Israileff said...
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